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the first watch brand China International Watch Fair will be an incomparable time art feast, a top collector can be enjoy the goods Valley, is are swiss replica watches legal a masterpiece of her Pro watch enthusiasts dream paradise, is the top spender collecting art treasures of the battlefield, but also to obtain the latest top watches collection knowledge lecture.
many of the world's mature market watches have their strike out watch fair. China's watch market matures, fine watches watch brand has gradually become the last paradise. Hold their own SIHH or BASELWORLD be imperative.

and the table show location choice in high quality watch Beijing China World Trade Center Exhibition Center Hall on the 1st floor, watch brand is Beijing veteran five Star Hotel, China hotel. The perfect and convenient location, and to fine watches for Beijing and even the field of watch lovers gave the most convenient transportation. Pick the grand space fifteen meters high, luxury brand space layout, deductive or distinctive Avant courier, or classical meaningful delicate no Lun watch Oku.
brands gathered, the coagulation time of classic

CIWE will display the first brand of a total of thirty. The Swiss watch brand covers the top mainstream brand home; fine watches more eight of the most prestigious mainstream top independent tabulation master for the first time in china. They are a powerful and unconstrained style creation although rarely appeared in China, but their enterprising, low-key luxury, a peerless watch works of art are affecting the world watch collection pattern. The exhibition not only shows the top major suit annual new, more in the top independent tabulation master works eta movement replica watches for the first time, very close to show to the world.

the first China International Watch Fair meaning, it will be the first to the idea of SIHH, BASEL salon WORLD transplanted to the Chinese hublot watch replica grand feast, will become China's high-end social stage, with the one and only local influence, will the Chinese watch circle of pride, and the Swiss Watch Fair echo each other at a distance.

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newark high

Class of '59
Minerva stared down at us, as our feet stumbled across the creaky wooden floors of ancient Newark High School. Our thoughts were on Elvis, a new gadget called television, Sputnik and how soon could we escape to the Pool Room or the Sparta Restaurant.

In 2009, our 50th class reunion was held at the Elks Lodge, the same location as our Senior Prom. Staring at the mirror in disbelief we ask, "What happened?" How did fifty years fly by so fast? Click on the button below and try vainly to figure it all out.

class of '59

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