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NEWARK, Ohio - The Hopewell Indians used sharp sticks and clamshells here 2,000 years ago to sculpture seven million cubic feet of dirt into a sprawling lunar observatory and the spiritual center of their far-flung empire.

Today it is an easy Par 3 flanked by sand traps shaped like kidney beans.

For generations, few thought it strange that golfers at the Moundbuilders Country Club whacked little white balls across ground once hallowed to an ancient community.

But now there is an eagerness among many people to see moonrises from the mounds the way the Indians did, a desire that has caused a conflict with the golf club.

The Newark Earthworks, which make up the world's largest ancient mound site, lingered in obscurity 30 miles east of Columbus until five years ago, when the country club announced plans for a new clubhouse. The design included a foundation that would have dug into the mounds.

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Published: November 28, 2005   The New York TImes
Ohio Indian Mounds: Hallowed Ground and a Nice Par 3

motorized barstool
Newark's famous mortorized barstool.

longaberger headquarters
Longaberger Headquarters.
Newark, Ohio is a terribly interesting place.

This small factory town in the middle of Ohio, along the banks of the Licking River has been in the national news three times in the past several years, including the story above, about Moundbuilders Golf Course.

Making national news all over the world, including every TV news channel known to mankind, was the second story. This concerned a local fellow, coming home from his favorite watering hole, driving his motorized bar stool into a ditch.

The third story discussed education in towns like Newark and highlighted the high school drop-out rate.

Inside the pages of this website the story of Newark, Ohio will be told. The legend of its early days as the beginning point for the Ohio-Erie Canal, to its location today as the headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company. This will not be a history of Newark, but rather a compilation of its most interesting adventures.

And yes it is true, Newark is the birthplace of "Civil War Drummer Boy" Johnny Clem and yes, Wayne Newton attended the third grade here and played at the 1950's picnic grounds, called Hillbilly Park.

1942 Newark, Ohio postcard

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