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August Wehrle

Canal and Wehrle Works Newark, Ohio, 1907.

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Dear Mr. Vaughn,

I inherited my grandparents old cook stove when they passed away in central Pennsylvania. It needs a new firebox liner. I was wondering if you could direct me as where I might fine one or what type of craftsman I might contact that would be able to make a new one.

I'm sure that a new cook stove would be more efficient but this one has so much sentimental value, I really would like to fix it. I have the original cardboard instructions for the stove. It is a Glencoe No. 4218 made by Wehrle Co of Newark OH. It is ivory and pale green enamel with a water reservoir. I usually work M-F but am off from work today and have a little time to research. Thank you for any information that you might be able to provide. Merry Christmas! And again thank you for your help.

Kim Strouse
Boise, Idaho

panama 93
Panama 93.


Hope someone could give us some history or any information about our newly purchased stove. It's a Panama 93, Wehrle Co. with a number 382 22 . We would like to restore it & use this winter if possible.
thanks for any help woodstove lovers!

Sally Stieg
Abbottstown, PA.

panama 93

panama 93

cortez 18
NO 18 Cortez.

Hi Philip

I cannot find another stove like mine on the Internet sites so I would like to know more about it.
cortez plate

The housing appears to be tin. The heating unit within is cast iron and on the cast iron door is the company name.

I THINK the stove is from the 1950's by its design and likely made for Sears which owned the Wehrle factory at that point. We have been using it since 1980 (came with a cabin we purchased) and it still works perfectly.

Thanks again,
Susanne Bonnet

Wehrle #214
Wehrle #214 "Dictator" Double – Cased Parlor Stove

Hello Philip,

Found your contact information through the Newark Stove website you have put together. Thanks for your excellent efforts as they give me a much better idea of who was responsible for making this great stove and the history connected to it.

Hope you or one of the site’s visitors can help me. I’ve been trying to research my WEHRLE #214 “DICTATOR” Double – Cased Parlor Stove to locate an original finial and Swing Top cover. It is marked The WEHRLE Co. Newark Ohio on the main door and believe it was made sometime around 1910.

I was wondering if there are any original Wehrle catalogs or photographs that might exist in your collection to see exactly what the stove/parts would have looked like. If not, can you suggest where I may look to locate catalogs, microfiche or any persons with parts or reference materials for early 1900s Wehrle stoves?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Attached is a photo of my stove.

Thanks in advance,

Ron Fraim
Beaverton, Oregon

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