The Beginning
August Wehrle

Canal and Wehrle Works Newark, Ohio, 1907.

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If you try to contact me and do not hear back from me in a weeks time, please do one of two things: Send me a follow up email, or call me at 614-864-7870 in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

My main line of work is building websites and I have a tendency to receive a lot of email. Being as I am old and tired, I don't always get personal email answered in a rapid manner. Thanks for your understanding.

It has come to my attention, thanks to Bill Johns, that there are usually Wehrle Stoves for sale on Ebay.com. This might help many of you attempting to find out what your stove is worth. There are also Wehrle Stove parts for sale on Ebay.

Check out this website for parts or price info: www.millcreekantiques.com

Daniel, you have to stop digging around in that barn. You are going to find life long projects out there. Philip

This is Grandmother's barn, where Daniel discovered the Werhle Co., Franklin Gem stove.


I have an old wood burning heater from my Grandmothers home. It says Franklin Gem over the mantle piece with the number 16 on the top. On the base of the stove it reads The Werhle Co. I was hoping to find the back piece from somewhere to restore it for her.

Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated and the sooner the better as she is getting up in years (94) and I want her to see it come back to it's original beauty. She "got her homework" as she says sitting by this stove.

Daniel Johnson
Carthage, Mississippi

Wehrle cabin stoves.


I collect old white gas lanterns, heaters and stoves. I have had the good fortune to find three Wehrle cabin stoves over the last few years. I’m just north of Newark and am pleased to be able to hold onto a piece of Ohio history by restoring these stoves. Thanks for putting together the info about Wehrle. It’s important to remember our industrial roots.

Wehrle 43A Senior 3 burner
Wehrle 42A Senior large 2 burner
Wehrle 2A Junior small 2 burner restored and working fine.

Mark Hoskey
Newark, Ohio

Good fortue indeed! Always love to hear from Newark people that have any information on Wherle stoves. Philip

Golden Charms 584


I have an old stove that says Golden Charms 584. The Wehrle Co Newark Ohio. With the numbers 82 18G Above it. I would like to know what year it was made in, if you know.

Jeanette Lopez

Hopefully someone can help Jeanette find the year her stove was made. Because of the enamel coating, my guess is during the 1930's. Philip

David, it never ceases to amaze me the wonderful stories and photos received for this website, but this takes the cake, haha. Hope someone can date the stove for you. Philip


I'm part of a team tasked with trying to date an archeological site in Ketchikan, Alaska. The attached pics are from the site. Would be great if you could give us any details on when this model was manufactured. We think the date range is 1920-1940ish.
Thanks much.

David Richards
Training Center Coordinator
Global Business Solutions, Inc.
Everett, Washington 

Duck, what a great job on your Wehrle 85 Stove.


I wrote to you a little over 2 years ago about my Wehrle stove, it is finally finished. Right now it's sitting on a dolly as we wait to finish the floor, but it will be getting hooked up and used on a regular basis.

When I got this stove the only metal work it needed was in the bottom of the case that holds the water tank. Since it would not be seen I fixed it and sealed it. I sanded all the dirt and grime off the stove and tried to re-black it. It didn't work, so then I found a small shop that did heat powder coating and took it to them. They did every single piece individually for me. I then found a place to do the nickel plating.

The only 2 pieces of the stove that are not original are the knob/handles on the side. If I am correct they should match the 2 on the front of the stove, have not been able to locate any. If I do come across some will have them replated and installed. Thank you again for your time and posting it on the web site!!

Duck Welch
Harmony, North Carolina


Wehrle Co Moose No 58S Model 226.


Hello Philip,
How are you? We found your email address on the Nerkahia website next to your dad's photo. My husband and I are hoping you can tell us some thing about our Wehrle Co Moose No 58S Model 226. We have searched the web and can only find information about the 225. We'd like to know what year it was made and there's a part missing inside that we would like to replace. You can see in the attached photo that there is a piece of broken metal attached with a screw or bolt.

In the other photo you can see how bad the ash pan is. We'd like to restore it to functional condition so we can enjoy using it.

Our stove was used by my husband's mother on an Apple Farm in Inyo Kern, CA. He has fond memories of his mom using the stove and we would like to bring it back to life. We are not interested in it's market value as we intend to enjoy it in memory of his mom. Knowing the year it was manufactured would simply be an interesting factoid. If you don't mind, we'd appreciate any information you can give us. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Toni & Mike Thompson
Simi Valley, CA

Logwood No. 130 The Wehrle Co. NEWARK Ohio.


Dear Mr. Vaughn,
My Mother passed a few years back and cleaning out the property we found this stove. I have been looking around on the net to try to find out any info on it, to no avail. This was used at the home stead where my Dad was born.

Please, if you know anything could you share it with me? If you need a pic I can provide that for you.. But on the door of the stove the words are, Logwood No. 130 The Wehrle Co. NEWARK Ohio.

Thanks, Melanie Camenisch

Moose # 58 model 225 wood stove
built by The Wehrle Co. Newark Ohio.

Hello Philip
I have recently acquired subject stove. It is in new condition. The fire box is clean looks like it has never been fired. Could you tell me history about this stove and an approximate value?

thank you,
Ernie Stoll
Lindsay, Ontario Canada

Acme Carbon,
Newark Stove Works.

Good morning,
I was wondering if you could tell me anything about this stove, most importantly, what it is suppose to look like. I bought it at an auction.
It says on plate above door, Acme Carbon Newark Stove Works.

Sue Pierce
Parker, Colorado


jewett and root

perfect national excelsior
I thought you might like to see 2 of my other stoves. The rectangle stove is a Jewett & Root manufactured in Buffalo, New York. I think it was made around 1860 or so. The round one was refurbished when i bought it. They chromed the pieces that should of been nickeled but it still looks good. That one is #161 by Perfect National Excelsior Stove Manufacture Co. Quincy, ILL. Not sure when that one was made I think early 1920's, 1930's

Glencoe Cast Iron Range purchased from Sears Roebuck and Co. No 4218, Made at the Wehrle Co. Newark, Ohio.
17OCT13 & 12DEC11

I inherited my grandparents old cook stove when they passed away in Linden, Pennsylvania. Would like to replace the firebox liner so the stove can be safely used. Was wondering if you could direct me to a craftsman that would be able to make me a new one.

I also have the original cardboard instruction sheet that came with the stove.

Kim Strouse 208-853-3518
Boise, Idaho


Broken fire box liner MOD 583518.

Photo shows where the broken part should be.

Photo shows the opposite side of the fire box.

little winner
Little Winner 552" Wehrle Wood Stove.

My wife and I recently bought an old farmstead in Wisconsin and in one of the buildings was an "8-16 Little Winner 552" wood stove. In fairly good shape (one crack that would need welding, and a little rust). Was wondering when it was manufactured.

Took it apart today and steel bristle brushed off the surface rust. Was thinking of giving the parts a coat of stove black before reassembling it. Other than that, any suggerstions how to preserve the metal-- for display purposes -- I probably would not use it for cooking/heating -- even though I do still heat with wood.

I have since done some other research on cast iron. I think i'll just go with stove black, reassemble the pieces, and fire it up one time to give it the natural burned look.

We plan to display it inside in a sun room, an addition to the original farm house that was built in 1860 of 16" square pine logs notched in the special manner used by the Norwegians.

This is the farm house I grew up in, and now 50 years later is again back in the family. My wife and I are loving it!!

Thanks for any help,

Andy Wegner, Winneconne, Wisconsin

little winner disassembled
Little Winner Disassembled.

Autogas 584 Wehrle Stove.

Was enchanted by your website as I went searching for some info on a stove and it looks like I made it to the right website.
My friend Nancy has an Autogas 584 stove, patent (?) 127429, made by Wherle Co of Newark, Ohio. If possible, could you email us some info on this stove and valuations?

Thank you, gail

Wehrle Wood Stove.

Can you tell me of the history on this wood stove please, thank you.

Gilbert L. Trujillo
Victorville, California

#1230 Ardmore Stove

I recently purchased a #1230 ARDMORE stove and it and I, need help. In order to move it to my home, the insides were taken out and put into boxes. Now, I can't figure out how to put it back together. I'm also looking for a few parts including one of the doors on the top part. Any information or suggestions would be really appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Linda Tornowski
Canon City, Colorado , home of the Royal Gorge Bridge

nd168 Good Cheer


Hi, We have a wood stove that has model nd168 on it and Good Cheer and made by the Wehrle Co and patented on 12/3/1929. Can you tell me anything about this stove and what's it's value is? I have attached some pics. I would appreciate any info you could give me about this stove. Thanks in advance for your help.

Julie Schnolis
Friendship, WI

 Cozy 697
216 Cozy 697 gas 2 burner


I have a 216 Cozy 697 gas 3 burner and oven stove by Wehrle. I have been trying to find out some details on it. Have you any? Thank you

Delilah Bryant
Dayton, Texas

 Cozy 697

panama 93
Panama 93.


Hope someone could give us some history or any information about our newly purchased stove. It's a Panama 93, Wehrle Co. with a number 382 22 . We would like to restore it & use this winter if possible.
thanks for any help woodstove lovers!

Sally Stieg
Abbottstown, PA.

panama 93

panama 93

cortez 18
NO 18 Cortez.

Hi Philip

I cannot find another stove like mine on the Internet sites so I would like to know more about it.
cortez plate

The housing appears to be tin. The heating unit within is cast iron and on the cast iron door is the company name.

I THINK the stove is from the 1950's by its design and likely made for Sears which owned the Wehrle factory at that point. We have been using it since 1980 (came with a cabin we purchased) and it still works perfectly.

Thanks again,
Susanne Bonnet

Wehrle #214
Wehrle #214 "Dictator" Double – Cased Parlor Stove

Hello Philip,

Found your contact information through the Newark Stove website you have put together. Thanks for your excellent efforts as they give me a much better idea of who was responsible for making this great stove and the history connected to it.

Hope you or one of the site’s visitors can help me. I’ve been trying to research my WEHRLE #214 “DICTATOR” Double – Cased Parlor Stove to locate an original finial and Swing Top cover. It is marked The WEHRLE Co. Newark Ohio on the main door and believe it was made sometime around 1910.

I was wondering if there are any original Wehrle catalogs or photographs that might exist in your collection to see exactly what the stove/parts would have looked like. If not, can you suggest where I may look to locate catalogs, microfiche or any persons with parts or reference materials for early 1900s Wehrle stoves?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Attached is a photo of my stove.

Thanks in advance,

Ron Fraim
Beaverton, Oregon

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