Newark High School Class of 1959 Memories
Newark, Ohio

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Carry me back and
make me feel at home,
Let me cling to those memories
that won't let me alone.
Statler Brothers
"Carry Me Back"

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band room
Why did they call it the "Band Room"? It wasn't a room, it was the noisest place on earth. Where you waited forever on your babe to finally be released from the grip of Myron Pearce. Art classes were upstairs, Mr. Martin reading Mad Magazine.

Sandy Scaffide

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My guess is it would be classified as a psychological disorder, but I have a tough time throwing things away. There are notes passed to me in the third grade, at Roosevelt School, stuck away in boxes in my attic.

In Reynoldsburg, Ohio my community dedication was to the Historical Society where another large website was created. This details events back to the eighteen hundreds.

The website you have reached here, is my way of reliving all those wonderful years of growing up in Middle America. Long live the Fifties!

After my sixtieth year, people started referring to me as a "Historian."
fairfield avenue
Corner of Fairfield Avenue and Mt. Vernon Road, where the Fairfield Shoppe and Brucker and Moody Pure Oil were located.

In all my treasures of the past however, one has eluded me. That is a photo of the Fairfield Shoppe, formerly located at the corner of Fairfield Avenue and Mt. Vernon Road in Newark, Ohio. If anyone out there has any type of photograph of this hallowed site, please do not hesitate to send it to me.

Any photos from your youth are welcomed on this site. This includes photos of buildings and places where all of us hung out. Send them to my email address, drop them off or mail copies of them to:

Philip Vaughn
1175 Rosehill Road
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
Home Office: 614-864-7870
Cell: 614-519-9770

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Marilyn Boyling '59 Class Secretary and Wildcat Cheerleader, Photographed August 2005.